Toddlers 1 – 3 Years

 Congratulations! You’ve survived the first year – now bring on the fussy eating, potty training and tantrums!


For the first year, no one envies parents of twins. But then when they’re 12 months old and they start playing next to one another and sharing, your friends with singleton babies, who are now being clawed at by a bored toddler, start to envy you.  And you’re  (finally) the one who gets to sit and drink a cup of coffee!

So you’ve made it through the first year. Now it’s time for the next stage – the toddler years.  Years one to three, times two…or three! But as wonderful as toddlers are, two or more of them can test the resources of even the most resilient, patient and organised amongst us. All that energy, all that emerging sense of self, coupled with a complete absence of boundaries and a nice dash of sibling rivalry thrown in.

It sounds terrible and, to be fair, it does have its challenges, but you’re wiser.  You survived the baby days and the sheer horror of the first two weeks, you’ve assembled two lots of nursery furniture, you’re out the other side.  You’re the people who now tell parents of tiny newborns “don’t worry, it gets better” – because you can.
Because you know it’s true.  Because it does. In this section you will find stories, tips and advice on subjects such as potty training, fussy eating and the one that seems to challenge us all….discipline!