Travel and Holidays

How to plan your great escape…

Another one of those great ironies about having multiples! You need a holiday more than anything when you’ve been flogging yourself into the ground raising twins or triplets, but two massive things stand in your way:
1. You can’t afford it as you’ve spent all your money on nappies and formula and two or three of everything.
2. You can’t face it. It’s hard enough at home where your kettle works and there’s a knife sharpener and a potato masher and drawers full of spare babygros. Plus the travel will wreck their routine, they’ll never sleep again…
But you have to go. You have to go because you need a holiday so badly you can feel it in in the smallest bone in your body (in your ear, apparently…). You have to go because even though it will essentially be childcare in a different place, it will feel better; you’ll feel better for it. You’ll come back poorer and with a suitcase full of filthy children’s clothing and the journey back will make you feel as if someone has chucked sand in your eyes and run you over with a truck, but you’ll still think “that was great!”.
You’ll have photos and memories that will morph into family legend (“remember the time we rock jumped in Spain?”) and it will make you feel better about everything. It will make you realise that you had twins or triplets and life got fairly complicated and expensive but you still got out there and did stuff and made memories and felt the sun on your face with your lovely children. And that’s admirable and you’re amazing, because it’s not easy with twins and triplets. But it’s easier than it looks and you have to do it.
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